Overkill Strength Equipment is a company owned and  operated by Rudy Rosales.  He makes powerlifting gear for some the elite lifters in the world.  He designs and creates anything from Bench Shirts to Knee wraps.  The gear is custom fit for the lifter, which is done by measuring the lifter.  This equipment is not pre-made, but instead made to fit then individual as perfect as possible.  The amount of layers in the gear is dependent on the lifters specifications.  I personally went ahead a got measured for all single-ply equipment.  That means there is only one layer of fabric in my gear.  I have a squat suit, deadlift suit and bench shirt.  You could also go Multi-ply which means more layers will be in the gear.  The more layers the more support the gear will give.

Bench Shirt brief


I have a bias opinion when it comes to powerlifting gear.  I have only ever worn Overkill gear and have never tried the other well known brands.  Yet I have worn a lot of different knee and wrist wraps.  None of which compare to the support of the Overkill wraps.  I was iknee wrapsntroduced to the Overkill knee wraps first.  Those alone added 50Lbs more to my squat then a pair of Iron Rebel wraps.  My top end raw with no wraps was 450lbs.  With the Iron Rebel wraps I squatted 505lbs, and then I used the Overkill wraps and squatted 555lbs.  The first time I used the wraps they hurt to put on since they were so tight.  I recommend these wraps to any serious lifter looking for the best wraps available.  My suggestion though is if your not competing and are just looking to get a pair of knee wraps, then I would buy the Iron Rebel wraps.


I also have pair of Overkill wrist wraps which if wrapped hard enough, places your wrist into what seems like a cast.  I started off my career with generic wraps from Sports Authority.  I then when through different wraps because they kept ripping at the velcro.  I then bought myself some longer wraps from Iron Rebel.wrist wraps  The longer wraps helped keep my wrist stable which help my bench press.  Then Rudy offered to sell me a pair of his wraps, so I gave them a try.  From there I never went back to any other wrap.  Not only are these wraps amazingly tight but also durable.  He stitched everything on there so it wouldn’t break, one pair is all I need.




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