I, Michael Randall love to lift weights!  I began my weighting adventure back in high school as a three sport athlete.  This progressed as I went into college where I wrestled for the local community college.  I would later on graduate with my Associates degree and moved onto the next level of my education.  In 2009 I graduated from Western Illinois University with my Bachelors in Law Enforcement Judicial Administration.  Yet while attending Western my weight lifting slowed down a bit.  After graduating I ended up ramping up thIMG_0149e weights and competing in Natural Bodybuilding for the next 4 years.  I ended up competing in a total of 5 events, yet never placing 1st in one of them.

During this time period, I decided that I wanted to earn some extra income.  So I ended up taking the placement test and earning my Personal Trainer Certification through the American Council on Exercise (ACE).  My clients have ranged from all ages, genders and skill levels.  As a Personal Trainer I was intrigued by nutrition especially since my life was about competing in bodybuilding.  So I ended up going back to school for a semester and took nutritional courses.  After that semester I decided I didn’t want to pay the high costs of another degree.  So I now read text books and learn as much as can without the class room.

At the end of 2012, I decided to add mass and size to my bodybuilding frame, so I turned to my girlfriend.  She was friends with a powerlifting couple.  so we ended up joining Team Overkill, which is a powerlifting team out of Plainfield, Illinois.  IMG_0639I have been training with Team Overkill ever since, mainly because I am a more gifted powerlifter then bodybuilder.  If you didn’t catch that, I do train and compete with my now Fiance.  After about a year of competing in the raw divisions, I decided to compete in single-ply gear.  This is where I have flourished as a lifter.  I ended up breaking the AAPF Illinois State bench press record by over 130lbs!  That same division includes both single-ply and multiply lifters, giving me a distinct disadvantage.



My current training personal records for single-ply are as follows:

Weight Class:  198lbs

Squat:  700lbs

Bench:  657lbs

Deadlift:  585lbs

I train with some of the best training partners and coaches.  Everyone finds something wrong with every lift.  It is very rare to have a perfect lift.  I know that sounds like a lot of criticism, but to execute the lift in competition you must perfect the mechanics in the gym.

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